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Expo '20

This was cool! Because Floris Heuer (great event photographer, check his cool work!) put a team together to capture the Horecava 2020. A video team, several photographers, and together with a production & social team we spent a whole week at the RAI, Amsterdam.

Floris asked me to record everything related to food & drinks. The others were focused on their expertise, which was the perfect collaboration. That freedom of photography within gave me a lot of creativity to record the coolest images at a ‘fair’.

At a certain moment, I remember that my mindset changed: “Who is walking with a macro lens at a fair where 75,000 people come?” A lens where you need more patience because of the focus options. But that macro lens delivered more special shots than usual. And that was our goal: Shoot a lot of high-quality content that can be usedat any time on all kinds of platforms. See only a small part of my report here.

A tasty series which is full of purity and colorful food elements!
This is one of those macro shots… 
A series full of passionate food lovers from a barista to chefs. That complete focus that I was allowed to capture was so cool!