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Studio Mees connects people and brands. With powerful photos we stop the clock for a while and bring the viewer into the here and now. A good photo has an irresistible appeal and that is exactly what we want to create for every project. Studio Mees portrays special brands, with a preference for food (because food connects) and lifestyle (because design adds character).

Small action, big impact: clicking the camera is a balanced process. Everything must be right. The right moment, the right composition, the right experience. This requires attention to technique and an understanding of the message. Every brand has its own identity, every photo tells a different story. A never-ending story that nestles in the observer’s world.

Behind the scenes
Part of the Brand Part of the Brand Part of the Brand

Studio Mees is the creative breeding ground of Mees van den Ekart, exuberant Bosschenaar with an eye for the right moment.

With unbridled enthusiasm he stops at nothing to bring out the best of a product or brand. Together with his team, he makes sure every image strikes the right chord.

01 Discovery

It takes involvement to create powerful images. Genuine interest in the company, the brand and the marketing. Studio Mees delves deep into the DNA and becomes part of the brand. As a result, we soon discover how best to translate the message into the visual.

02 Concept

As born image thinkers we give every concept a creative boost. How do we get the most out of an image? How do we add the element of surprise and wonder? With the objective as focal point, we push the creative boundaries of the horizon.

03 Team Assembly

Preparations start with a blueprint of the concept. As masterchef of photography, Mees ensures that all technical and practical preparations are complete. Studio Mees has a wide network of specialists, each with a unique input. From foodstylist to chef to image editor: we deliver what is needed to make a difference. Teamwork, and it shows.

04 Shoot!

All set? Action! Studio Mees likes to work on location, where it’s happening. That can be anywhere in the world. Sometimes around the corner, sometimes far away. Always a snapshot with a lasting impact. Studio Mees has its own studio at Strijp-S, the creative heart of Eindhoven, for product and portrait photography. Image editing also takes place in the studio.


Nothing more diverse than clients. From artisan baker to lively start-up to established name with international ambitions: in our work, variety is an asset. But take note: Studio Mees is not for everyone. We work exclusively for brands that naturally give us energy and stimluate our enthusiasm. We are proud to be part of the brand for the following customers.