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Monthly content

Every month, the WauwFactory team creates the coolest and tastiest content for the Hofweb platform. This organic online supermarket uses our content for recipes and social media purposes.

We photograph 8 recipes per month and do this in themes and with matching seasonal products. Every month it is a joy to work on this project … and to taste it!

Hofweb collects the best organic products from their farmers and growers and complements this with a complete organic supermarket range.
From greengrocer to milkman, from baker to butcher, you will also find the tastiest vegan products and groceries here at Hofweb.
Food from small-scale farmers and horticulturalists who cultivate for so-called nature-inclusive land use. You get a fresh product, the farmer a fair price for his products.  
In collaboration with the creatives of the Wauw Factory, we develop, cook and photograph the greatest creations.
This way we provide you with great enthusiasm every week for the tastiest dishes with the best products that are harvested by our growers. All dishes are cooked and tested for taste, manufacturability and season.
Psstt, this is visually our favorite! Lots of color, great atmosphere, a nice light and we love the exciting lines in this image!
Well, sometimes the photographer needs to play a role as hand model...
We love bread! A product with distinct flavors, which we enjoy daily and the possibilities are endless.
Pooh, this is so delicious. We have also directly ordered and tried this at home!
If you ask us, this is the ideal Christmas table!