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We prefer to work with fresh products! We try to take you into our experiences during this shoot. Needles, fishing lines and kneaded erasers were needed to enable these exciting and natural positions. And finally, Photoshop…
We picked up all the products at 05:00 am at the fish auction of Prins Sea Food in Rotterdam.
We shot the first photo in the studio around 9:00 am. It is so cool to work with these fresh products, which makes it seem as if we have captured the fish ‘alive’.
We have tried to capture everything as naturally as possible with exciting shapes and natural lighting.
Let’s be honest, who ever had a squid in front of his camera...
All fins and mouths were put in place by food stylist Marie-Sohpie. This had to be done in great detail, using tiny needles.
Everything was kept fresh and consumed by the entire team that same evening!
Here are some raw photos with food stylist Marie-Sophie at work.
Check all the inserted needles!