Part of the Brand

Studio Mees

Part of the Brand

In the past few years, we have been part of the most beautiful brands and companies with our work. From a traditional bakery to a vibrant start-up to an established name with international ambitions. Something was missing, like our own brand. Until now. Time for something new and progressive!

Mees, Part of the Brand.

The e-mail address has been changed to, the mobile number remains the same +31 (0)6 17 082 770


We gave the creative freedom to our friends of Stuurmen, for which many thanks!

Studio Mees connects people and brands. With powerful photos we stop the clock for a while and bring the viewer into the here and now. A good photo has an irresistible appeal and that is exactly what we want to create for every project.
Studio Mees portrays special brands, with a preference for food (because food connects) and lifestyle (because design adds character).