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Maison van den Boer

Le Cirque - Anastasia

Every month we record the menu and atmosphere report of the Dutch hospitality industry. This way we get a beautiful look in the kitchen every time. This also applies to Maison van de Boer at the Circustheater in The Hague. They gave us the freedom to capture the new menu for their website, where we got the chance to visualize the work in the kitchen and the hustle and bustle of the evening.

This way you get a delicate mix of food and snapshots combined in the purest atmosphere of the location.

Every time during a food shoot we look around for original materials as a background for the photo. This is how we noticed this beautiful floor! Where you get a subtle recognition between the report and food photos.
Besides the fact that this is a visual party, it was also party-wise in taste!
This is what we like to do. Capture passionate focused chefs in their moment. The challenge is to avoid all running kitchen staff with the camera and it is always a sport to get those beautiful images without getting in the way.