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Holland Malt

Corporate report

How cool is it to get into the car around 4:30 am and then shoot the first photo around 7:30 am in the extreme tip of the Netherlands: the Eemshaven. One of the two plants of Holland Malt is located here. We took a full day to photograph the entire process. From the surrounding farmers who harvest malt to the export of the product.

We can still remember how beautiful this day was. A first summer day with a bright blue sky. We had a beautiful sunrise unloading a ship with imported malt. After this, we visited a farmer who had his soil against the plant. In short, a special series of photos where you see a lot of diversity and moments.

A perfect shot if you ask us. Both moments come together beautifully in this composition!

Playing creatively with points of view often is very exciting in a report.
We always take our macro lens with us…
Where the door remains closed for others, we think it is very cool to get a unique look at many companies!